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Optimizing game performance, reduces ping and brings an end to lag and jitter problems.

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If you’re looking for LC, you’re in the right place!

Choose the game and which subscription plan you would like.

LastLag works by optimizing your network adapter – as well as your connection directly through servers that are closer to the servers that you play your games on.
We find the best direct route to the servers that is best for you.

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Apex Combo, Apex Pro, Apex Lite, Paladins, Rust


1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months


  1. Dacoda

    Got rid of all of my lag, great piece of software would 100% recommend to any and everyone to help them stop lagging while playing apex legends!

  2. Qspss (verified owner)

    Best apex chair ive ever tried and very affordable!!!!!

  3. Kitzu Yu (verified owner)

    Good Community, got rid of my lag in apex legends. Without the lag, my aim is always on target.

    Paladin is even better, the best product i seen for paladins

  4. Dylan’S Foot Fetish (verified owner)

    Honestly, at first I thought this would be feet. It’s done nothing but help me improve by reducing ping. Community is awesome and the devs are super great.

  5. Schoen (verified owner)

    Great community, they are always willing to help you out! Also will sometimes Compensate is something goes wrong unlime other people. Would recommenD to a friend if i had any

  6. Probably (verified owner)

    Very nice, cured my lag and my arthritis aswell.
    Aiming was never as easy.

  7. Osis6

    Great producT working like a charme no lag and even way better connexion, will definitely buy again

  8. LC_Zesy (verified owner)

    since i buy this product i dont have any issue about lagging so i recommend
    to come malaysia we selling best food in the world #iLoveGarmie

  9. Moist Grandma

    Honestly I hate when I’m driving smoking a cigarette and going to throw it out of the window. A Few minutes later smelling burning and turning around and seeing my nan fingering herself to the thought of low latency gameplay in Apex Legends with LAstSoft. 10/10.

  10. Garfeetlower69

    No lags and one of the devs got the best looking feet in the community.

  11. ShivFPS

    Holly fucking cow, i never seen this shit in my life, my apex latency going moon i recommend to report this to respawn, Fucking Pepega.

  12. livng (verified owner)

    Yo if think youll never stop lagging to be good at apex or paladins then think again. this product make connection so great your pepega freind will ask how your so good

  13. WUXU


  14. ryan.roberts0333 (verified owner)

    No more lag

  15. J A (verified owner)

    LastLag keeps my apex from stuttering all the time so i am actually able to win games. My friends finally want to play with me!!

  16. LIXYpIX (verified owner)

    EL MEJOR hack que he probado, el menu es muy agradable y las opciones esp no son molestia visualmente, he probado gran variedad de provedores con precios muchos mas altos, pero este hack es mejor que muchos de los que he utilizado, lo recomendaria 100 porciento, lo he estado usando durante 2 dias en una cuenta y simplemente asombroso, 10 de 10

  17. Kelvin Octo (verified owner)

    No more lag, Best providers ever, I played even so well once i know LASTLAG, recommended for everyone and the price is friendly too.

  18. Cake (verified owner)

    Lastlag reduce my lag to minimal and made my gameplay exprience 100 times better!! Easy to setup, no need to turn off softwares or overlays in my part I just had to launch lastlag.

  19. fikri ‘butong’ ADR


  20. don huan

    very good

  21. Hunter Hill (verified owner)

    I have used many products for Apex, I can thouroughly say LastSoft has an amazing product, they have more features than most competitors with a simple and clean UI, mostly a bug-free UI and product overall, everything is very simple from injection to rage-quitting! The overall quality of LastSoft is amazing including the staff! (This review is based off of the PRO build)

  22. omen (verified owner)

    shits so fucking good

  23. Shiro (verified owner)

    I don’t really know how they did it, but it is the best software to reduce lag in apex! Would Recommend

  24. omarahmedmsalem (verified owner)

    when i got rid of lag my aim is on target suddenly and i feel like i can see people through walls

  25. xdeformedbread (verified owner)

    very good cheat, spoofer is awsome would recomend, this cheat is amazing

  26. Prod’s OnlYFans (verified owner)

    HoneStly this shit should be illegal my performance is peaking it also happens that my aim is crazy now only problem is that one of the owners Needs to start an onlyfans

  27. DINO KRINIC (verified owner)

    this is the best cheat ever trust me guys ive been using it for a long time and i dont regret a second of it, its so fun, its the safest cheat out there, you get the best support 24/7 and you receive continuous updates to always keep it undetected!

  28. eDuBs (verified owner)

    been couple months and this software is the best in the world. HANDS DOWN!

  29. mrfishah (verified owner)

    Went from stuck in plat to Masters.
    This reduced my lag and increased my reaction time immensely.

    Thanks you!!!

  30. useful

    My lag got reduced by so much that I can trace people, its insane!

  31. Rarin (verified owner)


  32. azargg (verified owner)

    Its veary good for the price i highly recommend it.

  33. goat

    decreases so much lag

  34. Apex god (verified owner)

    My lag is pretty much nonexsistent 100% recommend.

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