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Slide Optimizing Your Game To The Next Level. Lessen Freezes & Disconnects, and Improve Game Performance Today! p Remove Jitter & Stabilize Performance p

Become the Best You Can Be With LastLag

Stop desync. Stop freezes in-game with LastLag. With a built-in performance optimizer along with a network analyzer that optimizes your gameplay on the go so you never have to face lag again!

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Talk to us via Discord in-order to get information right away!

Perfectly compatible with games we support.

Smart routing software uses the best servers for optimal connection.


Sophisticated Technology
meets Simplicity

Perfect for people who just want to plug & play.
We make it so that the software is ultra easy to install & run!

If you're not satisfied with the software, DM one of the staff via our Discord servers or make a ticket and we'll sort you out!

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Supported Games

Supporting only a few games allows us to hyper-optimize everything specifically for those games! Supported Games as of the moment: Apex Legends & Paladins

Average User Improvements

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